Memorial Day Military Photo Restoration and Framing Sale

This Summer we are excited to offer a sale on photo restoration and framing for photography of our men and women, past and present, who served in the armed forces.

Over the years we’ve framed and restored hundreds of incredible old military photographs from Civil War tintypes to iPhone photos from Iraq. Older photos are especially important to family historians; military portraits are often the best or only photos of passed family members. These irreplaceable memories are in danger of damage over time from light and handling. We recommend our photo restoration and framing services to protect and celebrate the history in your family’s military photos.

restoration of cracks, spots, contrast, and color

We first take a high resolution scan of the photo here in our photo center. All restoration is done digitally by our photo technicians. The original is not altered or harmed in any way, and it never leaves our store. Our technicians can restore any damage including tears, creased, fading, color restoration, spills, etc. The result is a print in any size on any of our fine art giclee papers that is perfect for framing for yourself or as a gift. The original can then be stored in a secure place, away from light, humidity, and frequent handling.

restoration of torn parts, creases, color

This Summer from Memorial Day to July 4th we are offering 10% off restoration and framing of all military photographs. We are thankful for the men and women who sacrificed so much for us, and we are excited for the opportunity to celebrate them. We would love to take a look at your photos and give you a complimentary quote for restoration and framing.

Shadowbox containing WW2 restored photographs, medals, and patches. Archivally framed – a priceless heirloom for generations to come.

Why we punched a hole in the wall

About a month ago we cut a hole in the wall through the broad side of our Epps Bridge Showroom.

New Expanded Photo Center - Athens Art and Frame

New Expanded Photo Center – Athens Art and Frame

Our fledgling photo center had outgrown its cave in the back of the store.

After maximizing every inch, our associates were bumping into each other and the giclee printer, which is a recipe for disaster when handling glass and priceless original artwork. Fortunately, no such disaster came to pass, but its specter hanging over necessitated a change.

Photo Kiosk - Athens Art and Frame

Instant photos from our easy to use photo Kiosk

We’re ecstatic to announce the expansion of our rapidly growing photo center into the space between our custom framing showroom and Catch 22. (The glorious smells from the kitchen has not helped our diets.) This expansion has more space for a bigger giclee printer, curing racks for our archival prints, expanding our quick and easy photo kiosk, and completely new photo services, soon to come:

The expansion adds;

  • Prints on Metal and Acrylic
  • Giclee prints up to 44”
  • New papers and canvas for giclee printing
  • Photo books and buttons
  • Greeting Cards
  • Product Photography
  • Fast and easy photo gallery frames
  • Ready to hang gallery wrapped and framed prints

In addition to expanding our photo services, we’ve also;

unique wood frames produced by the finest manufacturers in Europe, the US and Asia

Unique wood frames produced by the finest manufacturers in Europe, the US and Asia

Expanded our custom frame selections and added an exciting new line of frames from Bella – Bella provides unique wood frames produced by the finest manufacturers in Europe, the US and Asia.The frames range from beautifully stained hardwoods, intricate patterned marquetry, all wood veneers and elegant water-gilded mouldings.

Art Resource Center with 1,000 of images to decorate your home or office with.

Art resource center – We’ve added art vendors and catalogs to our art resource area – so if you are looking for a particular piece of art to finish a room or you need art for an entire home or office we have the resources to help you choose. All of our art suppliers now offer Print on Demand meaning they can print images any size you need and on multiple surfaces. So bring your blue prints and color swatches to a comfortable relaxing place and browse our art catalogs from.

Print catalogs with thousands of image - Athens Art and Frame

Print catalogs with thousands of image – Athens Art and Frame

  • McGaw Graphics
  • Editions Limited
  • Image Conscious
  • Canadian Art Prints
  • Sundance Graphics
  • Gango Graphics
  • Haddads Fine Art
Ready-made frames and mats - Athens Art and Frame

Ready-made frames and mats – Athens Art and Frame

Photo Gallery and Heritage frames – we’re excited for the room to expand our line of Photo Gallery and Heritage mats and frames. These mats and frames have been specifically created by our professional designers for photographs and produced in quantities that we can price less than one of a kind custom framing.

We’d love for you to stop by and see the photo center! We are planning some special surprises for our grand opening celebration, so keep an eye out for more exciting details to come! Mention this blog and receive an 8×10 giclee print for FREE.

Keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook as we share updates on our new space! Look out for our Grand Opening in August for fun events and great deals to come.

Join Our Team!

Athens Art and Frame is looking for an enthusiastic, creative person to join our team of frame designers. This position involves a diverse set of skills and responsibilities that span the breadth of the diverse products and services we offer. Here’s a look into what we do every day.

Employment Opportunities - Athens Art and Frame

Employment Opportunities – Athens Art and Frame

Custom framing is the focus, mainstay, lifeblood, daily grind, bread and butter, etc of Athens Art & Frame. The most important skill in designing with a customer is being able to build a relationship quickly and listen to them.

Employment Opportunities - Athens Art and Frame

Employment Opportunities – Athens Art and Frame

We learn about their style, connection with the artwork, and goals for that project. The creativity flows from there; there are thousands of possibilities in frames, mats, mounting, and other small details, and our goal is to create a frame package that enhances, protects, and celebrates the artwork without overpowering it.

Once the design is finished it is entered into our production system. Since another team member will likely be completing the order, patience, attention to detail, and effective communication skills are paramount to avoiding mistakes that toss money into a volcano.Fortunately, the there is time to take great care of each order and customer. When it’s possible we work together and there is always help available. Smiley faces in intercompany communication are allowed but not mandatory. (It’s mostly me.) 🙂

Employment Opportunities - Athens Art and Frame

Employment Opportunities – Athens Art and Frame

Our Cedar Shoals location is our warehouse and manufacturing location. Here the frames are cut and joined, mats cut by the Wizard, (unfortunately not a short man standing behind a curtain,) and everything is fit into the frames. Experience working with your hands is a plus; the process is precise and perfection is the goal. We sew down biker jackets, bobbin lace, and actual rat skulls, build secret frames within frames for bricks and fossils, and use powerful magnets to archivally frame valuable metal pieces.

Our Epps Bridge showroom is our primary sales location, so (hopefully) most of our time is spent designing frames and speaking to customers on the phone.
We also restore and print photographs via photoshop and our large-format giclee printer, and complete small framing projects. Every team member contributes
to stocking, merchandising, purchasing decisions, and designing attractive product displays. We also handle marketing and social media posts.

We sell almost all of our products on both of our websites, and The catalog contains 1200 items and counting, so product photography, web design, and writing skills come in handy. We process and pack every order here and ship anywhere; recent destinations include California, Canada, Israel, China, and one of the dorms at UGA. The web store adds a key diversified element to the business that enhances our custom framing presence.

As with any small business, great customer service is the cornerstone of our success. We need folks who enjoy talking to and building relationships with our customers, and are devoted to going above and beyond to make sure their needs are met. We will do whatever we can to get a particular frame, fit it perfectly to any specification, and have it ready by any date. That has been the AA&F promise for decades, and we hope to engender that trust and loyalty in our customers for years to come.

Employment Opportunities - Athens Art and Frame

Employment Opportunities – Athens Art and Frame

We’d love you have you on our team! Please fill out a copy of our employment application and bring it into our Epps Bridge store. Plan to stick around for a moment and get a tour and meet our designers.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is nearing its end and that the holiday season is just around the corner. ‘Tis the season for gathering around the table with family to enjoy delicious food and good company…and for trying to find the perfect gift to give to the special people in your life. It can be hard to find the right thing for everyone on your list, and how many times have we all waited until the last minute because we couldn’t decide? Well this year, why not think about doing something a little more personal?

Our photo frames are all handmade in the United States and come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes.

We offer a lot of great gifts and services at the frame shop to help you find the right fit for anyone! While we specialize in custom framing, we also offer some pretty unique photo services. We offer full service and self service printing at our photo kiosk, so you can print that great snapshot for all of your friends. Once it’s printed you can really set it off with a photo frame. Now you have a personalized gift ready to go, and at around $15-$30, you won’t be breaking the bank!

Diploma Frame copyEveryone knows Athens is a thriving college town, and college students become college graduates! If you have a recent grad in your life this Christmas, we also offer a vast range of diploma frames that
are already assembled so that you or your grad can install the diploma themselves. We have styles ranging from about $90 to $160. Whether they’re the more classic or traditional type, into sports or want something that celebrates their particular college, we have the perfect fit.

We carry a wide rage of Athens prints by artists from around the region.

The Classic City is a beautiful place to be around Christmas with all of the lights downtown. For a lot of people Athens is a temporary home, and a little reminder of their time spent here can be a really meaningful gift. We feature prints of local scenes and art by local artists, both framed and unframed, in our shop. If you have any friends or siblings that have moved on to new things, they’re sure to smile when they open up a print of one of their favorite downtown spots. The prints come in different sizes and range from $40-$125.

If you can't decide which paining to frame we can collage a few together!

Now that you have your friends and siblings covered,what about Mom? If she’s like most, she probably has a box somewhere full of all those art class finger paintings and drawings you did when you or her grandkids were little. At our photo center, we can take that box of treasured memories and turn it into a digital album that can be saved to a disk and shared with all of the relatives. Not only does this make them more accessible, it preserves them in case anything should happen to the originals. And, if Mom has a favorite work of art, why not have it framed so she can display it on her wall and see it every day?Damaged and faded photos are repaired digitally and made to look brand new.

When you start shopping for dad this year, ask yourself: does he really need another pair of socks? Instead, why not find an old photograph or two that we can restore for him in our photo center? We’re able to take your faded, damaged, creased photographs and scan them on our high resolution scanner to capture all of the details. Then we can work on the photo digitally to fix any damaged areas. Nothing is done to the original, so it is never damaged or altered. Then, we can print the restored copy on archival paper, or save it to a disk. Dad can spend his Christmas remembering the good old days when he gets this gift! Depending on the services and the degree of restoration, this can run about $40-$80.

We have you covered here at the frame shop for all of your Christmas gift needs, but it’s always a good idea to start thinking about bringing your artwork in early so that you can rest assured everything will be ready in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Preservation Framing Antique Photographs

Photography has a long standing history of marrying art with science. Before digital photography, developing photos always involved various chemicals and processes. Often each photograph was a one of a kind piece since most photos were manipulated in dark rooms, meaning no two prints came out exactly the same. Framing these antique photos is also a merging of art and science. These pieces are often family heirlooms with sentimental or sometimes even historical significance, which means preservation should always be a priority.

Framing Old Photos

Creative Framing for Old Photos

Photographs have several enemies when it comes to condition. Light, heat, humidity, mold, bugs and mishandling are all potential factors when it comes to preserving photos. They are often already fragile, faded or worn. Materials used in framing years ago were not as archival as those used today, so the mounting and framing itself may contribute to the gradual decline in condition.

Framing Old Photos

Framing Old Photos

Fortunately, thanks to science, we now have materials of a higher caliber to use when working with art and photos. One of the most important factors in framing historical photographs is creating as close to an inert environment as possible. Thanks to acid-free foamcore and PH neutral mats, the photograph does not come into contact with the acids that can cause damage and discoloration over time. If you have ever removed an image from an old mat and found the edge is brown or discolored where the mat overlapped it, then acid from the mat is usually the culprit. The matting also protects the photo from coming into direct contact with the glass.

Mounting the image is another important step. Drymounting, or heat activated mounting, is not usually considered appropriate for delicate photos and original works of art as it is permanent and adheres the entire back surface of the piece to a piece of foam core. Instead it is generally best to use archival tape such as Filmoplast to hinge the photo to the backing or the mat. For photos that are on thicker substrate, such as tintypes of those already mounted to boards, a sink mount can be created with foam core shims around the image.

If a fillet is being used or if the photo is going directly into the frame without a mat, frame sealing tape should be used on any parts of the wood that will be coming into contact with the photograph. This creates a barrier between the acids in the wood and the piece.

Using UV protective glass or acrylic is also recommended to prevent further fading of the photo. Finally, sealing the framed piece with a backing prevents dust, bugs and debris from getting into the frame, keeping the photo safe to be enjoyed for many more years.

Framing Old Photos

Framing Old Photos

For photos that are extremely valuable, fragile or damaged it is worth considering the option of having the photographs copied and saved digitally. This ensures that the photographs can be reprinted in the future. The copies can also be restored digitally to enhance them and erase much of the damage, then framed for display while the originals are stored safely.


Piedmont’s Anagama Kiln

Piedmont College’s Demorest Campus was bustling this past month despite classes being over for the summer. Students, both current and former, as well as visiting artists and locals were all congregating for a chance to participate in the much-anticipated firing of Piedmont’s Anagama kiln.

Piedmont College's Anagama Kiln

Piedmont College’s Anagama Kiln

This kiln is located just a short distance from the main hub of campus, though you likely wouldn’t notice it when its not in use.

The kiln was built by art department head and 3D/Ceramics instructor Chris Kelly and his own former teacher Fujita Juroemone the 9th about 8 years ago. Structurally it is a 20 foot long tunnel in the ground, but the interesting thing about this type of kiln is not only the intensive process but the fact that the ceramics are usually placed into the kiln without being glazed. Traditionally clay art would be coated with a glaze that, once exposed to the heat, creates various colors textures and finishes on the pottery.

Piedmont College's Anagama Kiln

Piedmont College’s Anagama Kiln

The Anagama kiln is special because the ash from the wood used during the firing produces ash that lands on the pieces and super heats to create its own glaze. The kiln is fired 24/7 for 3-5 days. Someone must be present at all times to keep feeding wood to the kiln, which uses about 6 cords of wood in total. Those who come to have their work fired in the kiln often compensate for the honor by volunteering for shifts watching the kiln. When volunteers are not feeding wood to the kiln they sit around and chat or roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the heat emanating from the kiln.
Piedmont College's Anagama Kiln

Piedmont College’s Anagama Kiln

The Anagama needs several days to cool off before it can be opened and the pieces removed. Opening day is the long-awaited main event. Since artists have very little control over the finish of the final project every piece is somewhat of a surprise. Every firing is different and the finishes vary from shiny and glass like to textured and coarse like granite. The beauty of the kiln is in the collaboration between the artists and the kiln itself.

Piedmont College's Anagama Kiln

Piedmont College’s Anagama Kiln

The glaze produced is often an array of earthy browns with organic drips and patterns that could not be replicated any other way. The element of chance involved in the process is a thing of beauty.

Piedmont College, both at its Demorest and Athens campuses, has alot to offer in the arts, and the Anagama kiln is a crowning jewel for the art department and the college.

Piedmont College's Anagama Kiln

Piedmont College’s Anagama Kiln

The kiln is expected to be fired again in November and the magic can start all over again.

Deep Blue Waves

Local artist Will Eskridge recently had another exhibit at the World Famous entitled Deep Blue Waves. This show featured works that depicted various ocean life in a mysterious and ghostly way. At once finely detailed and beautifully ambiguous, the works were cyanotypes of creatures assembled from plant life.

Deep Blue Waves Art Show by Local artist Will Eskridge

Deep Blue Waves Art Show by Local artist Will Eskridge

A cyanotype is produced by coating a material with a photosensitive medium that is allowed to dry in the dark. Objects can then be placed on top and the the piece exposed to light. The image is created by the contrasting of areas that are covered by the objects and the empty sections of the substrate. The blue color that is associated with cyanotypes lends itself perfectly the Eskridge’s theme of the mystery of our oceans.

Some of the creatures depicted were easily recognizeable, such as a jellyfish and a hammerhead shark. However, Eskridge also included smaller works of “undiscovered” animals that appear as though they would be right at home in the darkest depths of the sea.

This show was unique for Eskridge. He often exhibits paintings that combine beautifully crafted animals with bright colors and geometric shapes. Deep Blue Waves seems to take a step into a more quiet and elusive place where the animals are not as fleshed out as the ones we encounter on land, and he trades his bright color pallette for a monochromatic blue. Eskridge eludes to themes of habitat destruction and resource depletion, so it seems appropriate that he would turn his attention to our aquatic neighbors as well as the bears, foxes and wolves that typically inhabit his works. It is always a pleasure to see an artist that is willing to dabble in other mediums and techniques to achieve their work, especially when it is done as successfully as Deep Blue Waves. The show was on display through August, and the opening reception was followed by a performance by Eskridge’s surf-band Forbidden Waves.

Alice Pruitt – Athens Artist

I was born and raised in the river parishes of New Orleans. I quickly developed a love of drawing ans architecture. My early childhood was spent near the beautiful plantations along the Mississippi River. In later years I became fascinated with the architecture of the French Quarter and the South in general, including a love for the rural architecture of old homes, barns, and outbuildings.

Giclee on canvas by Alice Pruitt

Giclee on canvas by Alice Pruitt

I studied Architecture at Tulane University then switched my major to Art Education at the University of Georgia after moving to Athens. After spending years teaching art in public and private schools, I decided to pursue my passion for drawing and began to work on commissioned house and pet portraits.

Dog Portraits by Alice Pruitt

Dog Portraits by Alice Pruitt

While the majority of my formal art training and experience was in drawing, the commissioned works led to experimenting with watercolors, acrylics, and pastels. I have spent time studying color theory and painting techniques in order to make the transition to painting. I have attended workshops with several artists in the US and France and I continue to study the work of other artists to experiment with various techniques.

I prefer to paint subjects from personal experiences and places I have visited. I work from photos taken by myself or family members, only relying on outside sources for details that may be unclear. I spend a great deal of time studying my subjects which is evident in the details shown in my paintings. As a change from the tedious work involved in painting details, I enjoy painting with other artists in a plein air group. This gives me the freedom to paint quickly and capture the essential elements of color and light.

Downtown Athens by Alice Pruitt

College Square, Athens GA by Alice Pruitt

I am a member of the Athens Art Association where I served as president for several years and also a member of the Athens Area Arts Council and the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation. My artwork can be found in books including “Under the Magnolias” and the “ Athens Area Sketchbook.” My work is also in the permanent collection at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

I am one of four artist whose work was selected for the 2011 Art in the Air project, which displayed a painting on a billboard in the Athens, Georgia area. I also have numerous pet portraits used on the set of an upcoming movie starring Owen Wilson and Glen Close.

AthFest 20th Anniversary Mural

As most Athens residents know, the AthFest Music and Arts Festival wrapped up this past weekend. The heat definitely didn’t deter locals and travelers alike from enjoying the festivities and local talent, especially since this year marked the 20th anniversary of the event. AthFest is about music, art and the community, so it comes as no surprise that the milestone was celebrated with a commissioned mural. The piece is located on the wall of Philanthropy, a clothing store downtown.

Athfest 2016 mural - Athens Ga

Bird Song = Athfest 2016 mural – Athens Ga

The project was a collaboration between artist David Hale, four high school interns and youth from various after school and summer programs. The mural depicts 20 large scale birds that are native to Georgia. Each songbird represents a year of AthFest. David Hale is a local tattoo artist and illustrator whose work explores spirituality in nature. His work often depicts animals, so the use of songbirds to represent the musical soul of AthFest is a natural choice.
Bird Song = Athfest 2016 mural - Athens Ga

Bird Song = Athfest 2016 mural – Athens Ga

The majority of the mural was created at the Lyndon House before being installed on the wall that will be its permanent home. The children played a large role in creating the content and layout for the work. This lovely and intricate design captures the spirit of Athens and the culture of art and music in the community perfectly. Collaborations such as this between local artists and the community are what make Athens a truly inspiring place to call call home.

How to choose the best type of glass!

It may come as a surprise to many that not all glass is created equally. Between choosing the right mats, frames or fillets, glass can often be an afterthought when envisioning your final product proudly hanging in your home. The truth is, it’s important to choose the right glass to get the full benefit of your framed art. Hearing about all of the different types can seem confusing, but there are a few facts to keep in mind when selecting the right glass for your project.

types of glass from Athens Art and Frame

Museum glass is almost reflection free

Regular, conservation, reflection control, conservation reflection control, museum and AR glass are the most common glass choices. There is also plexi glass, which has its own variations and benefits/cons for larger pieces. Regular glass does not offer UV protection or any type of anti-reflection. It is simply a clear glazing that can be a good choice for framing things where fading is less of a concern. In our shop we most often use conservation glass. This option has the same clear and crisp appearance as regular glass but it blocks 99.9% of UV rays, which will cause art to fade over time. We most often recommend this because it is not much different in price from regular glass but adds an extra layer of protection, particularly if the art will be in bright, direct light for much of the day. However, conservation glass does not minimize any reflections.

If reflections are a concern, reflection control can be an option. Both regular glass and conservation glass can be combined with reflection control. This type of glass has a matte/frosted finish that diminishes the effects of light due to its less reflective surface. This glass can have its drawbacks in certain situations. It does not appear as crisp and clear, and if the art is not fairly close to the surface of the glass the image can appear fuzzy.

types of glass from Athens Art and Frame


AR glass, or reflection free glass, can be a good investment if you really want your image to be detailed and unhindered by reflections. AR glass transmits light in a way that enhances colors and contrast, but it only blocks up to 78% of UV rays. For the ultimate protection AND clarity, museum glass is the right choice. This glass offers the same reflection free look with 99% UV protection. This would be a great choice for a piece that has monetary or strong sentimental value and a lot of detail. It is also great to reduce the reflections and help minimize the “fuzzy” look that can happen when objects are sitting further away from the glass, such as in shadow boxes.

Whatever the project, there is a glass that will work for you. And of course, if you ever have any doubts or questions about which glass will be the best choice, we at Athens Art and Frame are happy to assist you!